We’re small. Sometimes, we think we’re the biggest thing on this planet and that everything revolves around us. Simply not true. We are some of the smallest creations on this earth. Just think about the biggest mountain or the widest ocean. Think about the tallest of trees or the vastness of a desert. Imagine you compared to all of that. You’re a speck.

I often forget how small I am until I’m on a plane. After takeoff, everything outside of the window gets smaller and smaller until it looks like a toy city. The people look like ants, the cars look like Hot Wheels and the buildings look like blocks. And then you remember that you live in that toy city and you’re one of those ants.

You keep going up, up, up and everything gets smaller until you hit clouds and then it’s just an ocean of white. It’s one of my favorite views. Especially when the sun sets. Clouds turn into wisps of cotton candy and burnt orange sunlight encapsulates the whole plane. And every time, I can’t help but think of the toy city below and how tiny the people seem. Each person so small. Each so significant.

It’s crazy to think of the impact just one person can have. One person, one little ant, can cure disease, fight hunger, teach underprivileged kids, become writers, doctors, politicians, scientists and engineers, stand up to racism, stand up for minorities, stand for the environment, stand for those who can’t, stand for equality, stand.

But sometimes we don’t think we’re capable of any of this because, well, we think we’re just ants. And we think ants aren’t that important. But they are. Ants aerate soil allowing oxygen to reach plant roots. Plants can then produce oxygen allowing every other animal, including us, to breathe. Ants carry seeds and scatter them allowing the seeds to sprout and grow into new plants. They provide a source of food for other organisms. They act as decomposers and keep the environment clean. They are important members of nearly every terrestrial ecosystem.

And we thought ants weren’t capable of anything.

If ants are capable of all this, imagine what we’re capable of. We are healers. We are friends. We are teachers. We are wise. We are kind. We are smart. We are chosen. We are bold. We are activists and environmentalists and educators. We rise up. We are loved and we love. And even though we think we’re small, we’re anything but.

We are all put on this earth and are capable of doing amazing things. We have weaknesses and we have imperfections, but those don’t define us nor should we let them. Yes, we’re small. Yes, we may not feel all that important sometimes. But any time we begin to think we’re not good enough, strong enough, big enough, or just enough, embrace the identity of an ant. And remember just how important they really are.


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