Diners and Down Time

Parents, although very overbearing at times, can be great. I think we take our parents for granted more than we think we do. I know I did. When I was in high school, I remember rolling my eyes every time they would tell me the same things over and over again because I thought whatever they had to say couldn’t possibly be that important. I remember leaving the house to be with friends as much as I could because the last place. For the longest time, I just wanted to be on my own, away from my parents. I don’t think I appreciated them as much as I should have until I was having an emotional breakdown during my freshman year at 2 in the morning and knew that they were the only ones who would know what to say.

I recently went home this past weekend for the first time since Christmas. It was only for a day and a half, but it was good to just relax and spend time with my parents. Sometimes, relaxation isn’t always a given because my family is constantly on the go and talks about my future are always discussed and I feel stressed more often than relaxed. But this time it was different.

My family never eats breakfast together, so it was a nice surprise when my dad asked if we wanted to eat at a local diner on Saturday. We spent that morning at Frye Daddy’s Diner and talked for two hours. This may not seem like a big deal, but when most of our meals are rushed or interrupted by phone calls or TV specials, it’s a pretty big deal. The place was slammed, but the food was amazing and the staff were all so polite. If I had to pick a place that embodied southern hospitality, it would be this place.

The rest of the day, my parents were true servants and did so much for me. My dad got my car washed, my mom went shopping with me and helped me pick out some work clothes and we ended up getting groceries to top everything off. We went out to a local Italian restaurant later that night and again enjoyed conversations that were more than just “how’s school, how’s the job hunt, etc.” We talked about politics and mortgages and my relationship and traveling and just about everything, even school. Getting to hear their opinions made me appreciate them that much more and made me that much more thankful that I have parents who are willing to give me free advice to help me through life.

Never underestimate your parents or their wisdom. Also, as much as you may not want to go home while in college, never underestimate how rejuvenating home can be. While I occasionally want to drive right back to school the first 10 seconds after I come home because my parents are driving me insane, I always seem to look past that and remember why I came home in the first place. It’s home. A break from all the craziness that is school. It’s a source of comfort, familiarity and (most of the time) peace. Not to mention, a place for comfort and life advice — two things we all could use a little bit more of.


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