Short, CRISP and Sweet

Recently, I got the chance to dive a little more into poetry and create a poem as a creative submission for an agency I’m applying to. I’ll let you guess which one it is ;). Whilst writing, I didn’t realize that I’d learn more about myself and confirm my passion for storytelling in the process. Hope y’all enjoy!

Why Me?

Why me? Because before I could even walk I was reading.
And not just Dick and Jane, but the big girl stuff like Charlotte’s Web.
I read under the glass kitchen table.
I read during pre-school naptime.
I read at my own surprise birthday party when I was five years old,
But, of course, put the book down for cake.
Books allowed me to learn, to feel, to be enveloped in a story. They still do.
They have challenged me to look at myself — and the world — differently.
Why me? Because in fourth grade, I became the first girl hall monitor ever.
Knowing nothing about social justice,
I saw an opportunity to do something I had never done before.
I wore that bright neon orange belt proudly. And totally rocked it, I might add.
Why me? Because in middle school I was diagnosed with intermittent pancreatitis.
Who even knows the what, how or why of all of it.
While my parents were upset and confused, I channeled my diagnosed weakness into strength.
I turned the negative “why” into a positive catalyst to fight and overcome.
And overcome I did.
I defeated pimples, puberty and pancreatitis flare-ups.
Why me? Because I turned down a full-ride tennis scholarship to have a normal education.
After seven years of practices, tournaments and workouts, I discovered my true passions.
I was done with the sport. My parents weren’t. But that’s okay.
I was going to go to a college that allowed me to further my passion of
“There aren’t jobs.”
“You won’t make money.”
“You’re making a mistake.”
Maybe I am. But I don’t think so.
Why me? Because my faith is the foundation that has shaped me.
It has changed the way I view my relationships, work and future dreams.
I don’t just live for myself and that’s a tough, but humbling, realization.
Why me? Because I’m not just some robot who goes through the daily motions of life.
I cry every time I see a Nicholas Sparks movie.
I cheer my heart out whenever the Tar Heels are playing (and winning nattys).
I am inspired by people like Sophia Bush and Emma Watson who motivate me to do more.
I get giddy inside whenever I write because I experience a sense of freedom when I do.
Why me? Because I wasn’t born like this. I was made like this.
So, now that you know a little bit more about me,
CRISP, please tell me, why you?


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