Graduation Advice from Gary

With graduation being two weeks away, I thought I would relay some advice that my Branding of Me professor, Gary Kayye, gave us on the last day of class. Here are his seven lasting bits of advice for post-graduation and my thoughts on each:

    1. You must blog — Whether you blog or journal or don’t write at all, I believe this is such an important piece of advice. I think writing allows you to get your most honest thoughts down and allows you to be vulnerable with yourself and with others. Write about what you feel, see and believe. Even if it’s jotting down a few thoughts, try to write every day.
    2. You must volunteer — Why wait to serve? Volunteer with an organization you’re passionate about or for a cause you’re interested in. Give your time away to something other than yourself. Not only will you be humbled, but you’ll get to do something you’re passionate about on the side.
    3. You must repair — Learn how to rebuild relationships. Learn how to forgive others and forgive yourself. Holding grudges doesn’t help anybody. It just builds negativity and anger and it’s honestly not worth it. Move forward and be in the mode of repairing mistakes.
    4. You must meditate — Be still. In the midst of busyness and the craziness of everyday life, learn how to just take ten minutes our of your day and be. Don’t stress, don’t think about anything. Just be.
    5. You must care — Care about what’s going on around you. In your community, in your state, in your country, in your world. You will be able to solve problems individually and collectively if you just care and educate yourself on what’s happening around you.
    6. You must find love — Gary said that for those of us who have kids in the future, we will know love. I have already seen this in how my parents love me and how my God loves me. If you don’t have kids or don’t want kids, find something that’s worth loving.
    7. You must connect — Connecting electronically is a lot different than connecting in real life. Put down that device. Close your laptop. Learn how to make your personal relationships meaningful and connect with others face-to-face.

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